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Meghan and Stacey of Sinders Bridal House

How we Manage to Succeed as Business Partners and Sisters

How do you work with your family?!

This is by far one of our most asked questions. And honestly, it took us some time to learn how to do it properly while also succeeding as business partners and as sisters.

We’ve known each other our whole lives, so you would think that would give us the added benefit of understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses. But the craziest thing we’ve both learned over the years is that you can always learn more about someone, and you can always learn more about yourself.

Now, those of you who have siblings will know that a parent or another sibling often has to play the role of mediator when things don’t go smoothly. Well, lucky for us, we have literally the most incredible parents – they’re our biggest supporters. They back us, they believe in us, and they know what we’re capable of because they created some pretty headstrong and stubborn daughters. And to this day, our mom is still our mediator.

However, the go-between is rarely needed anymore, as we’ve grown so much as people, as entrepreneurs, and as business partners, over the years that we can tell when to take a breather and when to stand by a point we believe in. But I’m not going to lie, there was a point in our business history (a long, long time ago!) when we didn’t speak for a few months. We aren’t drama-driven or petty people by nature – who has time for that?! But we have had our share of ups and downs, and sometimes, in the downtimes, the people that are closest to you get the short end of the stick. We hadn’t yet learned to lean on each other and respect each other as we should.

It’s a learning process.
Everything in life can be looked at as experience.

That is the single most important thing that gets us through our lives together as a family who works together day in and day out. We make mistakes, we learn from them, and we help each other out of the dark spaces when we need to.

Meghan and Stacey of Sinders Bridal House

Family is there to support you, so that’s when you realize that there are families you are born with and families that you choose. We’ve been lucky enough (or smart enough) to build our businesses with the root of a family where everyone who joins us becomes a part of that family.

So, how do we handle working with our family?

We currently have an incredible group of 16 sisters/mothers/aunts/friends who we call our family.

And sure, Stacey and I shared a room growing up, and fought over paint colours for that room. But guess what? As adults, we now get to share several rooms with 16 different women and get to fight over paint colours for those rooms every time we redecorate!