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What to Look for When Choosing a Dress for Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are a fun, relaxed alternative to traditional weddings. They combine the best of wedding celebrations and beach vacations, all with your most cherished loved ones.

And like destination weddings, the choices for wedding dresses are more fun and laid back. Since you won’t be in a church, there are no rules with how much skin you can show. It’s also too hot on the beach to wear a formal wedding dress anyway.

While beach wedding dresses aren’t always traditional, they are still elegant. So choose to stay cool and comfortable on your big day in a beautiful beach wedding dress.

Here are the top 10 things to look for when choosing beach wedding dresses.

A Comfortable Fit

The fit of a wedding dress is an important consideration, no matter where you’re getting married. But for beach weddings, you have to take the heat into consideration as well.

To enjoy your special day without feeling sticky in the heat, find a dress that fits comfortably. Consider looser fits that won’t stick to your skin.

Flattering styles that will be comfortable even in the heat and humidity include:

  • A-line fit and flares;
  • Above-the-knee flounce designs;
  • Loose tea-length pencil shapes; and,
  • Short sheathes.

Lightweight & Breathable Fabric

A comfortable beach wedding dress will also need flowy, breathable fabric. Traditional wedding dresses have heavier fabrics, such as polyester-silk or satin-silk. But beach wedding dressers will have looser fits and lightweight fabrics such as:

  • Chiffon;
  • Crêpe;
  • Cotton blends;
  • Organza; and,
  • Mesh or lace details.

Moisture-Friendly Fabric

There’s a good chance that your destination wedding will be in a hot, humid place by the ocean. So you have to take the high humidity into account when choosing fabrics for your wedding dress. The oceanfront humidity is not kind to some fabrics. Certain fabrics will result in a dress that becomes damaged, wrinkled, or flattened.

Comfortable, breathable fabrics that can handle moisture are ideal. And if you decide to take a stroll into the ocean for wedding photos, then you won’t cringe at the thought of ruining your beloved dress.

A Shorter Length

Shorter dresses are also ideal for wading in the ocean, walking in the sand, and feeling cooler in the heat. Full skirts and floor-length dresses are elegant. But they may impede on your fun in the sun, getting dirty or damaged in the sand and water. Shorter-length styles include streamlined, tea-length, and above-the-knee designs.

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Train Alternatives

As with long skirts, trains will also face problems on the beach. Trains don’t allow for free-flowing movement and may get muddied on the beach. They also add weight to the dress, making them seem heavier in the heat and humidity. Even when bustled, the weight is still there. So opt for another accessory for your outfit that won’t get in the way. Consider a short veil, mesh or lace details, or other lightweight-fabric details.

Beach-Friendly Add-Ons

Even a veil may be too much for a windy oceanfront. But there are accessories that will work well both with your dress and the beach environment. Maintain comfort and convenience throughout your big day with these beach-friendly add-ons:

  • Flower crowns;
  • Headbands;
  • Jewellery; and,
  • Lace gloves.

Bare Shoulders

In the tropical heat, you will want to expose as much skin as possible to cool down in the ocean breeze. Popular beach wedding dresses expose the shoulders and arms for added comfort. In the heat and humidity, the less fabric you have on, the more comfortable you’ll be.

Consider beach wedding dresses with the following styles to stay cool:

  • Halter;
  • Keyhole;
  • One shoulder;
  • Short-sleeves;
  • Strapless; and,
  • Spaghetti straps.

Easy to Transport

When travelling to your destination, make sure your dress makes it on time and in pristine condition. Do not check it with your luggage at the airport. Either carry it on the plane with you, or arrange to ship it registered and expedited to your wedding destination.

Either way, you will want a lightweight dress that is easy to ship or carry. If you choose to ship your dress, you will end up saving on shipping costs if it’s lightweight. And if you choose to travel with your dress, you will want to carry it on the plane.

Easy to Store

After your wedding, you will may want to have your dress dry cleaned and packaged for proper storage. The cleaning and prep for storage is expensive for big dresses with delicate fabrics. But lightweight dresses with moisture-friendly materials will be easier to clean and store.

Makes You Feel Confident

As with a comfortable fit, how confident you feel in a dress is a priority when choosing wedding dresses. You will want a dress that makes you feel beautiful so that you’ll be happy to wear it throughout your wedding day.

Destination weddings are all about feeling good, relaxed, and happy. Choose a dress that will make you feel great so you can have fun in the sun without worries on your wedding day.

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