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A rack of wedding dresses at a bridal shop.

Tips to Help Brides Know When They Should Pass On a Dress

Sometimes you have to know when to say no, and wedding dress shopping can be one of those times. When shopping for something as important as your wedding dress, everyone has an opinion, but in the end, yours is the only one that matters.

You might find the dress of your dreams quickly and easily, but it could also take some time. You might feel pressured to please others. If it does take some time, don’t let that discourage you and settle on a dress you don’t feel 100% sure about.

The final decision is up to you, and you alone, so trust your gut, make the right decision for you, and keep these tips in mind to know when to say “NO” to a wedding dress.

It’s Out Of Your Budget

The last thing you want is to go way over budget on your wedding dress if you haven’t factored in a cushion for this part of the budget. The dress is a big deal. But you will certainly find a lovely dress that makes you look stunning and is within your budget.

It Won’t Be Ready In Time

The time it takes for a wedding dress to be ready depends on the designer type of dress and the alterations you choose. If you’re opting for a designer dress or for significant alterations, you probably won’t get your dress in two weeks.

So when shopping for dresses, start shopping months before your wedding date. And if you have to do last-minute dress shopping, ask the bridal house how long it will take for a chosen dress to be ready. You don’t want to fall in love with a dress that you can’t wear on your wedding day! Nor do you want to worry about whether or not the dress will make it on time.

It’s Uncomfortable, Or You Can’t Move Well In It

An important part of wedding gown shopping is moving around in dresses to see how comfortable they truly are. You will need to walk around, dance, and also sit in the dress on your wedding day. If at any point you feel like the dress might rip, is pinching you, making it hard to breathe, or is just downright unpleasant feeling, then make sure you speak to a qualified seamstress to ensure changes are possible, or say no to the dress.

Since you will be spending a long day in your dress, it absolutely must be comfortable. There is no point in choosing an uncomfortable dress that will take away from your enjoyment of the day.

Everyone Else Loves It, But You’re Not Quite Sure

Just because your mom and best friend say it’s “the one” doesn’t mean you must agree with them It’s always nice to be told you look beautiful in a dress! And it’s helpful to have others’ opinions. But if everyone else seems more ecstatic than you do about the dress, then you need to think twice before saying yes.

You should go with your gut instinct, even if it goes against what everyone else is saying. Don’t worry about disappointing everyone and don’t give in to pressure. This dress is for YOU and YOUR big day, not theirs.

You’re Getting It Just Because You Know Your Fiancé Would Love It

Don’t choose a dress solely based on your fiancé hinting at a particular style of dress he’d love to see you in. Unless you agree with him and absolutely love the style, the ultimate decision is up to you. Your fiancé will be more pleased to see you looking confident and in love while walking down the aisle on your wedding day than worried about the style of gown he would have chosen the dress.

You’re Getting It Because You Can’t Pass Up A Deal

Your wedding dress is one of those things you shouldn’t skimp on—it’s something you should treat yourself to. So if you wouldn’t buy the dress full price, then don’t buy it just because it’s on sale. Otherwise, there’s a good chance you won’t be thrilled to wear it on your wedding day.

It’s okay (and highly recommended) to follow a budget and only try on dresses within your budget. But if you grab a dress just because of its sale tag, you might regret your choice afterward.

It’s Much Too Big Or Small

A dress that is not suited to your size and shape when you first try it on can create the headache of trying to make it work in the future. If it’s too big (or small), you’ll have to make alterations that will take time and money. Make sure you are willing to do this, and have a seamstress you trust, before committing to big changes.

Your Heart Is Set on A Completely Different Style

Like your everyday wardrobe, your wedding dress should reflect your own personal style, taste, and preferences. And you will know if a dress is your style or not based on how confident and comfortable you feel in it.

Don’t opt for an elaborate ball gown if your heart is set on a sweet and simple design. If your mind keeps going back to another dress when you’re trying on gowns, then that other dress is probably “the one.”

Or, if you have the perfect style in mind, but you can’t find it yet, don’t give up and settle for anything less. Bridal stylists at wedding shops can help you find a dress to suit your unique style – the best bridal stylists will suggest you try every style to make sure you feel amazing in the one you choose to wear.

Trust Your Instincts!

There are good gut feelings and bad gut feelings. So beware if you have any sense of doubt about a dress, like an uncertain worry. But if you feel really excited about a dress and you can’t stop smiling as you watch yourself try it on in the mirror, then this is probably your gut giving you the go-ahead to say yes to the dress.

If at any point you feel overwhelmed when shopping for your wedding dress, go home, relax, and go back to the bridal shop the next day. Giving yourself time to clear your head will help you make decisions well and without clouded judgement.

Keep these tips in mind during your appointments at bridal shops so you won’t feel any regrets about your wedding dress on your special day.