Sinders Bridal House

After a lot of thought and consideration, we have decided to make the difficult decision to temporarily close our shop to help prevent the further spread of Covid-19.

We are available to all our brides by email or DM to answer any questions. Always. When our doors are open or closed. Our team is still working behind the scenes to make sure the shop continues and all our amazing brides receive their gowns on time!

We will always be reachable and we will continue to post updates on social media and will be sure to keep you all informed when we feel it is safe to re-open.

Stay safe and healthy everyone! We look forward to seeing you back at Sinders again soon once this Covid-19 crisis has passed.

– Meghan and Stacey


A Letter from The Sinders Sisters:

It’s April 2020 and it’s an unprecedented time for us. That word can be used to describe either a good or bad change. I won’t lie, it’s been both.

Never in our history of entrepreneurship have we ever had to close the doors to our shop. Never have we had to tell our staff that they can’t come to work and we don’t know when we’ll be back. When we say we’re a family, I can promise you it’s not just lip service in an industry that supports love.

There are individuals that are harder hit by Covid-19 than us, I can absolutely admit. We have every intention of opening our doors and welcoming back our staff at the earliest opportunity, but what has this time changed for us? What has it done to our familiar work-home? We closed our doors and the building is cold. One of us goes every day to be in touch with brides and make sure that everything is safe inside. But there’s no laughter from the staff to keep us company. There’s no cheering and excitement from one of our bridal suites when a bride finds her gown. There’s no hustle and bustle of making a dream come true and keeping the company rhythm flowing. And it just feels wrong.

We’ve been in the wedding industry for over 20 years. Every day has happiness and often craziness as well. Saying you become addicted to the happiness high probably isn’t far from the truth! And when it’s missing I never realized how hard we would feel it’s absence. We miss you. Of course we do. We miss the calls and the questions. We miss our girls every single day. Group chats keep us in touch. But physical separation when we’ve been together for so long. It’s not something we ever thought we’d have to deal with.

I tell you this, and if you don’t believe me, I’ll explain. I’ve had three stints in the hospital – two when I delivered my babies, and one for abdominal surgery. The women I call my friends and family at work held my babies at 2-3 days old because I left the hospital and stopped at work before going to my actual home. For the surgery, I was in the hospital for a week, which made me stir crazy despite the drugs. But still, I was back the following week. Even if my capabilities were extremely limited. Because I didn’t know what to do with myself otherwise.

We’re addicted. No joke. To the laughter, the love, the happiness that exudes from our building. You can feel it when you walk in the doors, it’s like a muscle memory for a house. You open the door and walk into a place that 15 women call their home, where we take care of each other when you need a shoulder, and celebrate when life hits a high note.

So how has a global Covid-19 pandemic affected us? It left a hole in our hearts. But it also gave us perspective. It gave us incredible time with our families. It gave us a break we would never have taken on our own. And sometimes, the separation is necessary to know that when we open the doors again, we absolutely do what we do for love. To fill happiness in others at a time they’ll need calm support and also unbridled excitement. To nurture love that you can almost physically touch.

From the bottom of our hearts – we can’t wait to see you again.

– Meghan and Stacey

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