Sinders’ Custom Line: Jolicoeur

A Look into Meghan and Stacey’s Journey from Designer Dream to Runway Reality After decades of making their brides’ dreams come true, it’s time to finally make their own dreams a reality with their latest project: […]

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Setting the Date!

A Guide for Picking a Wedding Date Once the question has been popped, one of the first wedding day topics a newly engaged couple typically discusses is, “What day should we get married?” This is a […]

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An Exciting Sinders Announcement!

We’ve Been Planning Something Special for You… The big day is finally here! If you’ve been following us on social media, then you know we always have something fun up our sleeve, and today we’re finally […]

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Wedding Roles: Who Does What?

A Guide to Help You Figure Out Traditional and Optional Roles in a Wedding Party You’re engaged! You’ve probably told your loved ones and closest friends about this incredible news. The first order of business (or […]

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