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If there was ONE thing we could say that appropriately describes our feelings over opening our doors for our brides looking for their wedding dress once again… it has to be relief!

There has been so much going on here at Sinders Bridal House since we last spoke! If you are a follower of our social channels (which we hope you are ), you will know that we are thrilled to welcome you back through our doors. We can’t wait to get you back on track finding your dream wedding dress! 

Whether you are recently engaged, in the middle of your planning or are getting an early start to your dream wedding we are here for it. And for you of course!

These past few months have been some of the most unpredictable and emotional moments for us all. So many of our brides have had to postpone their special days. Our hearts continue to be with all who have been impacted, but know we are hoping that nothing but clear skies lay ahead! 

However, one thing we have been able to learn from this roller coaster is this:

Love is not cancelled. 

So, can we take a quick moment to talk about how inspiring it has been to see so many of our brides in these romantic elopements and intimate micro-weddings?

Who said smaller weddings had to be any less than perfection?! 

Certainly not us.

Anyways, before we get too far ahead of ourselves on how much we love seeing our brides get married (SURPRISE we really really love it); we wanted to let you know how things at our bridal shop may have changed since introducing new COVID-19 friendly precautions. 

So here are 5 things to consider when returning to Sinders Bridal House for your wedding dress:

1. Do your wedding dress research


You’ve made it to the first step in your wedding planning journey and that is… research. Whether this is your favourite thing to do, or the dread of your existence, research is key in understanding how your vision might best come to life.  

Have you thought about what style of wedding dress you see yourself in on your big day? Is it a sexy figure-flattering mermaid silhouette, or perhaps that statement ballgown with a hint of drama? Either way, understanding these terms opens the communication with your stylist and will be a key element in making your dress appointment run smoothly.    

If you’re having trouble getting started, or simply haven’t had a chance to look just yet – do not fret! Our team of dedicated stylists have helped hundreds of past brides find their perfect dress and are confident you can join that list! 

A great first step is to send us an email or book your appointment online!

2. Ask questions

Okay, now let’s talk about questions for a second – because everybody has them! 

Are you unsure about what wedding dress style might suit you best? Have you seen a specific dress you like online and want to know if we carry something similar? Are you hoping to confirm timelines with us so that you can keep your perfect day on track? 

Cue the Sinders team. 

Our doors might not always be open, but our entire team at Sinders are trained, passionate and enthusiastic individuals that are here as your number one resource. Picture us as your ‘bridal besties’ if you may. We LOVE helping you bring your vision to life and can promise that our team has your best intentions in mind. Because let’s face it, we want your wedding day to flow as smooth as satin ;).

Whether it be in person, over the phone, in an email or simply through our DM’s, do not fear to lean on our team for help before coming in for your appointment. Oh and if you’re looking for inspiration, check out some of our previous blogs, like ‘Expert Wedding Dress Shopping Tips’.

                                Photo by Lauren McCormick Photography

3. Consider fewer visits to the shop

Now here is a relatively new ‘thing’ since adapting to new COVID-19 precautions at our bridal shop. Much like our recommended number of guests (which we will get to in a moment), you might consider limiting the number of appointments you make at our shop. And NO, it is not that we do not want you here with us… it’s quite the contrary. 

As our doors have unfortunately been closed for a large part of this year we have a growing list of brides that, like you, are looking for their wedding dress with us at Sinders. Unfortunately, this might require longer waiting times for those desired Saturday appointment times. So, making fewer visits to the bridal shop could get your dream wedding dress into your hands sooner!  

Don’t let that worry you as we still provide our same intimate and incredible service you’ve come to know from us. Plus, if you’ve followed me along this far you will know that the first two steps might very well prepare you to find ‘the gown’ on your first try! 

4. Trim your list when shopping for your wedding dress

Okay. We know this is a hard one… but with COVID-19 restrictions, our store capacity continues to be limited. That means to best serve each bride, we ask that guests attending with you be limited to a select few individuals. While this might not be the best news you’ve heard, we wanted to highlight a few positives that trimming your guest list might mean for your upcoming wedding dress appointment. 

By trimming your list of friends and family members attending your dress appointment with you, there will be fewer voices in the room with you. This will allow for your stylist to help you focus on the emotions that matter most… the brides! Plus, it also means less stress and confusion for you!

Ultimately, your wedding dress appointment should be about you guessed it… you. Now, we don’t want you to cut out everyone! We are still able to welcome your party virtually – and are happy to discuss how this will work with you before your appointment. 

We promise we will still offer the same white carpet experience to your entire party – whether it be in-person or virtually! 

5. Trust your bridal stylist

Finally, our last piece of advice is to trust your stylist

Many of the women here at Sinders have been with us for over a decade! They understand exactly how to find the perfect wedding dress for your big day! We can be your cheerleader, your confidant, or your bodyguard. But most importantly… we will be your fashionista behind you the entire way. 

Not only do we know the designers like the back of our hands, we work with these wedding dresses every day! We know which dresses will give you the best support, which will hug your curves, and which will make you SHINE. 

Your wedding dress should not only embody your vision but enhance your beauty, your confidence and your style. Letting YOU be the star on your wedding day. 

Phew, that’s it – simple right? 

Before we go, let us leave you with one more thought. 

Sinders is here to build confidence with a single piece of clothing – so we can all create a positive impact on our future. It’s what we do. It’s why we are here. Now more than ever, our team is here to help you feel good about yourself and your future day. 

So, if you have any questions regarding how your shopping experience might look different with us, contact us! Do not hesitate to call, email, or DM us – heck or give us a comment below!

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